Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mommy's Little Tax Deduction

Meet Sylvia.
The weeks leading to her birth were very hectic and highly uncomfortable, and I've spent the last several weeks enjoying her and largely steering clear of my computer.
Today she turned a month old. She's starting to smile, getting a bit saucy and loud in her requests for food and attention, gave me mastitis this week (which, along with the wholely uncomfortable pregnancy, I'll remind her of any time she causes me hardship during the teenage years), and loves to snuggle. We hadn't planned on Sylvia, but I already can't imagine our family without her.

The whole family, minus one photographer, wearing an unspeakably ugly hospital gown and recovering from a c-section 12 hours earlier.

If only she'd come three months earlier, so we could receive an extra $300 on the upcoming tax-relief package!


The Neurotic Turtle said...

Yay! Sylvie! Such a lucky girl to have a talented mother who can teach her many things, including how to knit on a trans-atlantic flight. Excellent addition to the planet!

Teresa said...

Congratulations!! I love her name.

If only I were married I could get another $600! Wait, I am not sure it is worth $600 to be married!