Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Due to some kind of Mother's Day miracle, it's 8:15 and all three kids are in bed. Phil and I are going to watch a movie, and I might actually make it to the end before konking out.

My brother and his wife and their three kids drove here yesterday and stayed in town overnight. Like us, they have two boys, followed somewhat unexpectedly by a girl. This was their first time meeting Sylvia, and I hadn't seen their kids since the Christmas holiday, so it was wonderful to get together, compare newish-baby notes, and watch four boys play themselves silly.

Phil gave me the coolest present. Along with some dark chocolate, which I adore, he framed three photos of each of the kids. Each are from the same photo "session," so there are three of Max posing on his bike:

Three of Tommy diving into his chocolate Easter bunny:

And three of Sylvia hanging out in her bouncy chair:

I'm not sure how I'm going to match that in a month, come Father's Day.

I hope you all of you moms had as wonderful a day. Hats off to all the moms, especially mine, who is as good as they come. Thank you for everything, Mom!

(Meanwhile, I just discovered Retro Housewife, where the header photo came from, and am loving it. Too fun. Check it out.)


Anonymous said...

The pictures were so apropos for each of the kids. Kudos to Phil for coming up with such a great gift. Sylvia's look certainly will win everyone's heart.

Mom (Grandma M)

Laura said...

Cute pictures of the kids! Dennis outdid himself for Mother's Day this year. Since last year he did a big fat ZERO and incurred the wrath of a sleep-deprived mother of a 1-year old, anything was going to be a big step up. But anyway. . . he had Alex's first baby shoes bronzed. Incredibly retro, yes. I don't believe I've seen bronzed baby shoes for about 20 years. But I did get misty seeing those little shoes. And like you, I'm going to be hard-pressed to match it in 4 short weeks.

Amateur Tightwad said...

Bronzed baby shoes. That's so so cool. I didn't even know that was possible any more. I still have a newborn diaper of Tommy's that I look at periodically. How could this tall, sassy three year old have ever fit into that teacup-sized thing? Major kudos to Dennis for outdoing himself!